Supernova Institut, Kangemi Youth School, The Love School, UdK Berlin


Social Design




Social Design and Co-Creation

Tanuri is a project realised in with with pupils from Love School in the Slum Kangemi in Nairobi, Kenya. During a 6 month co-creation workshop the children identified problems in their surrounding which they wanted to solve. Two repeatedly mentioned problems where: 1. Roofs having wholes where water poured in during rainy seasons 2. Streets full of plastic waste. To solve these problems we used the benefits of one problem to solve the other one. With the help of local craftsmanship we created a guerrillia pop-up factory which could melt the plastic waste and form patches to fill the wholes in the roofs. Not only as a solution to one specific problem but more as a self empowerment tactic and use case for creative problem solving. The machine operates by using heat to melt the plastic and forming it into a specific mold with a car-jack.