Stylist tool for curated shopping
UX/UI , Testing, Innovation Concept
Kisura GmbH
Too much choice and too little time - especially working women facing with this problem when it comes to putting together an outfit suitable for an occasion. For this purpose, the personal online shopping platform Kisura offers the solution: With the help of stylists, tailor-made outfits are combined for the customer and sent to her for viewing. In frames of a research project Usetree and a cross university partnership with the TUB (Human Factors) and UDK (Interactive Systems), Kisura was tested in it's Usability of the Software, to generate requirements and new designs.
Tomorrows way of curated shopping.
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Method Insight
Clickdummy testing with Axure
Bounceback’s platform was crafted with the latest trends of responsive web design. The mobile-friendly website adapts depending on the visitor's device–desktop, tablet, smartphone. Media queries allow the design to adjust automatically to the browser space to ensure content consistency across devices, and design elements being sized in relative units.
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