Humboldt University


UX/UI, Responsive Web, Allover Design



Societal Impact

Digital stage for societal impact studies

The project aims to explore variations of different Societal Impact initiatives and develop a reflexive learning tool with different societal stakeholders to think about societal impact. The aim of the research project “Navigating societal impact of research” is to offer reflection about the debate on societal impact in research policymaking by providing and ordering feedback from practitioners who have an interest in it. The tool is an interactive mini-game that simulates the policy-making process and provides insight into the societal impact of decisions made during the process. Studio Flaer directed the design process and was responsible for the style guide ans responsive web experience.

Sensible and serviceable decisions

“We want to encourage and support decision makers at the intersection of science and society to take sensible and serviceable decisions when drafting or implementing agendas that are geared towards increasing societal impact.” In addition to the tool, there is also an interactive overview of societal impact projects and initiatives, as well as the results of a survey available on the website.