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Smart dome

Sorting system for a wasteless future

Over the last years human kind has seen a rapid increase in the amount of plastic waste, especially in B2B environments such as exhibition areas, airports, shopping malls, zoos, entertainment parks and many other areas where there are a lot of public traffic. Most of this waste is produced by food courts, using cups, plates and other items. In those environments, circular economy is used very rarely. 1less invented a technical solution to offer a sustainable circle economy system for these B2B companies without any need for deposits. While designing an IoT product that fits the circular system, Studio Flaer helped developing a re-usable set of cups, plates and cutlery for use in all aspects of food delivery. It’s based on RFID tags and “intelligent” garbage cans with RFID sensors, separating normal waste and reusable pieces of cups & plates.This way service teams can empty and collect the waste onsite at a local level, transport the circle economy pieces to the existing, industrial washing area and re-stock it back at the food stations, producing a very low carbon footprint.